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Mainboard SAMSUNG 22H5000

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Rp675,000.00 Rp595,000.00


Deskripsi Produk
Part Type : Mainboard
Part Number :
TV Model : 22H5000
TV Manufacturer : SAMSUNG


ORIGINAL, Bergaransi.

Jika anda membutuhkan Mainboard/Motherboard/Mesin TV/MICOM dengan Merk tertentu dan type/model tertentu, silahkan hubungi Customer Service kami di No. 0856-2425-7039, 0812-2052-2543, CALL CENTER: 022-8780-5529 Fax. 022- 8780-5529, atau BBM D99BDCBE, D8FF2864

email : orderkomponenelektronika@gmailcom

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Product Description

MAINBOARD-SAMSUNG-22H5000Part Type : Mainboard
Part Number :
TV Model : 22H5000
TV Manufacturer : SAMSUNG


ORIGINAL, Bergaransi.

22 reviews for Mainboard SAMSUNG 22H5000

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