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Pixy CMUcam5 image camera Sensor

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jual_Pixy_CMUcam5_image_camera_Sensor   Jual Pixy CMUcam5 image camera Sensor 


Processor: NXP LPC4330, 204 MHz, dual core

Image sensor: Omnivision OV9715, 1/4″, 1280×800

Lens field-of-view: 75 degrees horizontal, 47 degrees vertical

Lens type: standard M12 (several different types available)

Power consumption: 140 mA typical

Power input: USB input (5V) or unregulated input (6V to 10V)

RAM: 264K bytes

Flash: 1M bytes

Available data outputs: UART serial, SPI, I2C, USB, digital, analog

Dimensions: 2.1″ x 2.0″ x 1.4

Weight: 27 grams


Small, fast, easy-to-use, low-cost, readily-available vision system

Learns to detect objects that you teach it

Outputs what it detects 50 times per second

Connects to Arduino with included cable. Also works with Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and similar controllers

All libraries for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. are provided

C/C++ and Python are supported

Communicates via one of several interfaces: SPI, I2C, UART, USB or analog/digital output

Configuration utility runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux

All software/firmare is open-source GNU-licensed

All hardware documentation including schematics, bill of materials, PCB layout, etc. are provided

Pixy can remember and idenify 7 colour signatures

Pixy can track 100’s of objects simultaneously

Pixy interfaces to a PC via USB and the PixyMon Application

This is an edge detection sensor from DFRobot. It will help your robot detect the edge of a precipice, preventing it from falling off a table or down the stairs to it’s certain demise! This IR distance sensor is connected to an arduino digital pin.




Edge detection sensor

Intelligent Mobile Robotics Platforms

Home Cleaning Robots



Supply Voltage: 2.7~6.2v

Current: < 10mA

Range distance: 1~10cm

Interface:Digital output

Signal Voltage: Vcc-0.6v(High) 0.6v(Low)

Size: 35x10x15mm

Weight: < 5g

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