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BROTHER TN8000 Black Laser Toner Cartridge

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jual_BROTHER_TN8000_Black_Laser_Toner_Cartridge   Jual BROTHER TN8000 Black Laser Toner Cartridge 

Model NO. : Brother TN8000 Color: Black Type: Laser toner cartridge Condition: Compatible, Brand New Compatible Printers: Brother FAX 2850/8070, MFC 9030/9070/9160/9180/4800 Features: Equivalent or even better quality than OEM Easy-to-install cartridge design Strict QC system & R&D department 3 times test before leave the factory Serious selection started from the raw material part Smart and extra fluent printing performance In-stock and ready for ship 100% quality guarantee 30 Days Money Back, 1 Year Warranty Brother TN8000 Laser Toner Cartridge Description This Black compatible Brother toner cartridge is a replacement cartridge which can highly meet the original quality standards and can be work in the same way with an OEM Brother toner Cartridge. It was designed to replace the original cartridge and 100% fit your specific printer. Our toner cartridge can be high resistance of extrusion and shake,and in order to obtain a satisfied performance to product, we not only supply the regular darkness testing, but also provide noise testing.All parts of the toner cartridge will be tested to ensure it is clean,smooth and working well. In order to make your Brother printer toner cartridge has a longer using life,please note the following tips: 1, to avoid to use or store the LaserJet toner cartridge under a high temperature, high humidity environment and avoid to expose it under bright light; 2, do not open the package before use it which may scratch or make the laser toner cartridge scrapped under the bright light; 3, do not rotate OPC drum at will, and please pay attention to the rotating direction when you rotate it. Please note that the wrong direction rotating of the Brother TN8000 will damage some parts and make the powder leakage; 4, do not tear the seal before you to use the toner cartridges, or toner will be easy to damp and result print pale; 5, it is best to use the vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to clean the inside dust when you replace the cartridge, and remember try to not blown the powder inside; 6, to shake the new Brother toner cartridge 4-5 times with a horizontal direction before replace it, so to make the toner loose and uniform distribution. 7, using better quality paper will not only decrease the regular paper jams in your printer, but will also enhance the efficiency of the hp printer,do not use the crease, incision missing or too thick papers, otherwise it will affect the print quality and shorten the life of the toner cartridge. 8, to avoid touching the housing unit when replacing the cartridge, especially if the printer has been in use,the interior of the machine is hot. How to replace Brother TN8000 Toner Cartridge 1. Open the machine cover, grab the old toner cartridge with both hands and pull the cartridge out. 2. Pull out the orange ring that protrudes from the cartridge and remove the protective tape from the shipping process. Shake the toner cartridge gently from front to back to loosen the toner inside. 3. Hold the handles on each end of the toner cartridge and slide it into the position and positioned just like the empty unit you removed. 4. Close the front cover of the printer until it locks in place and please make sure that the cover is securely closed. Turn the power on. After about two minutes, the display panel should show a “”Ready”” status. Note: Don’t use sharp objects, such as a knife or scissors, to open the toner cartridge package. You could damage the surface of the print cartridge. To prevent damage, do not expose the toner cartridge to light for more than a few minutes. Cover it with a piece of paper to protect it if necessary. If toner gets on your clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash it in cold water.

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